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"YES! YES! YES!" I've been using Printkey for about 5 years and it's always been great. This version installs easily, it does what it claims to efficiently, reliably and quickly. An all-around excellent piece of software, especially if you do a lot of documentation.

"PERFECT!" Our company uses this product and it is the best. I've tried others
and they were very confusing and didn't work half the time. This is well worth the 20
dollars for the info that you get to capture.

"Best program of it's kind" Totally simple to use. The fact that you can pick a part of
the screen to print, or the wholescreen, makes this a number one screen printer.
It has survived 3 Millenium Beta's and never had to be re-installed. How's that for stability?

"Best of Class" Use it regularly to make quick screen captures. No need to use any
other app to clean up image or reformat. Has become an essential tool that I'd be
hard pressed to live without.

"Tremendous tool." Tools as useful as PrintKey-Pro are worth their weight in gold.
The most straightforward utility I've ever encountered in my computing years.

"Invaluable" This program is the only good replacement to the DOS PRINT button

"Very useful product, I love it!" How can you keep improving on such a perfect product?

"Excellent Screen Capture & Print Utility" It does what is says it will do and the Pro version makes it sooo easy to manipulate images. If it doesn't do what you want, you want more than a capture program

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