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If you require additional detailed information about MSIEXEC command line parameters and properties, visit the Microsoft Support website

Multiuser installation

If you want to install PrintKey-Pro for all users on a single computer running Windows 7, Vista, XP, Win2000, or Win2003, install it as an Administrator of that computer and when prompted for the destination folder you must select the ALL USER folder under Documents and Settings.

After logging off or rebooting your computer, a small 'Hand' icon printkey, screen capture, printscreen will appear in the lower right of your screen, indicating that PrintKey-Pro is enabled. To start PrintKey-Pro, double click on the 'Hand' icon in the lower right of your screen. Or you may instead right click on the 'Hand' icon then select a shortcut in the pop up menu.

You may also press the key on your keyboard labeled Print Screen to start PrintKey-Pro. Pressing the ALT and PrintScrn keys simultaneously causes only the Active Window to be captured.

For additional program help or information, right click on the PrintKey-Pro icon printkey, screen capture, printscreen in the lower right of your screen then click Open. Go to PrintKey-Pro Help at the top of your screen then click on the PrintKey-Pro Help menu. Click on Printing for printer setup information.


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