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Note: When you uninstall a copy of PrintKey-Pro, it will reset the program to Default settings. After installing a new version, click on the Page icon to reassign a printer and select the printer settings for use with PrintKey-Pro.

ATTENTION: Some Internet Security or Keylogger Prevention programs (Zone Alarm Force Field, Symantec Norton Internet Security, and others) will block the use of the Print Screen key and screen capture. If screen capture results in a black screen you will need to change settings in those programs to allow screen capture.

To download FREE 30 Day Trial Full Feature V1.05 please use the following link:



If you need to download the previous version, use the following link:



Help File

PrintKey-Pro includes a help menu within the program. However, if you would like to review or print the help section outside the program, you can download it here in PDF format:

You will need Adobe Reader to open the file. To download a free copy click here

Download Instructions

1. DOWNLOAD the file by clicking on the PrintKey-Pro v1.05 link above. When the 'Save As' menu appears, specify the location or create a Folder that you can easily find in your hard drive to save the file.

2. When the download is completed, double click on the Folder you made during download and run PrintKey-Pro-v105.exe. Follow instructions to complete the INSTALLATION process.

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